Chris Brothers began as  a Nova Scotian company with a proud tradition dating back more than 35 years. From 1957 through the late seventies the founder, Chris Kielbratowski, operated one of the largest mixed farms in the Eastern Passage area of Nova Scotia Canada. His farm operation was complimented by a small meat processing operation specializing in unique European smoked meat products.

In 1980, the second generation of the Kielbratowski family; brothers Victor, David and Rick assumed ownership and management. A provincial processing facility fronted by an old style service oriented fresh meat and deli retail was built in Cole Harbour. Our popular pepperoni and other products became household favourites throughout Nova Scotia. Twenty years later with 9 international meat processing awards and a pepperoni reputation that stretches across Canada, a federally inspected establishment was opened in 2002. The Chris Brothers legacy continues to grow as founder David Kielbratowski says, "We're proud of where we came from, where we are and where we're going." Chris Brothers has become synonymous with quality. Bonté purchased the name, recipes and assets of Chris Brothers in 2005 and incorporated the company into the Bonté Foods facility. 

Since its inception, the primary focus of Chris Brothers has been to supply a unique selection of only the highest quality deli and fresh meats available. Perfection of our customer service being the ultimate goal, "Old world" knowledge has been blended with a warm and friendly atmosphere to ensure quality product and premium customer service are maintained.
Under Bonte's management, Chris Brothers prodcut line has expanded to dozens of new prodcuts including a line of all natural deli meats under the brand NATURE'S DELI. 

Chris Brothers aims to build market share with new and ever-changing clientele with heavy emphasis placed on customer needs in order to provide superior service and foster customer loyalty.

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