Trucorp purchased the Greco Donair Franchise and Greco Donair Foods in 1981. It renamed the franchise division Grinner’s and the Dieppe New Brunswick meat plant Bonté Foods.

In 1981 Grinner’s had 10 Greco franchise operations and Bonté Foods was a small 10,000 sq ft facility with less than 1/2 million dollars annual sales. Both divisions were given independent arms-length management mandates and they flourished on separate but symbiotic and mutually beneficial growth plans.

Today Grinner’s has over 120 restaurant units and Bonté is a 66,000 sq ft federally inspected HACCP recognized manufacturing facility with sales in excess of $20 million. 

                                     1st Restaurant          
                                                                                                              Greco Donair Foods Ltd ( Bonte) 1977

                                  Greco Pizza 2012                                         Bonte Foods 2012

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