Trucorp's brands include high quality restaurant operations that offer the regions finest foods and services. Everything from fine steaks and pasta to world famous pizzas, donairs, submarine sandwiches and frozen treats. Trucorps brands under Grinners include Greco Pizza, Frank & Gino's Grill and Pasta House, Capt. Submarine and FROZU! Frozen Yogurt.

For over 45 years Grinners brands have been serving Atlantic Canadians their region's best dining experiences. Trucorp's innovative product development team have introduced Atlantic Canadians to unique product offerings like OvenSubs, Party Pizzas, Donair Egg Rolls, The Double Decker, a multi layer pizza and Free Flavoured Crust on every pizza all of which is only available through its system's operations.

Trucorp is now planning a post Covid expansion into the rest of Canada and are entertaining discussion from area developers and multi unit operators across Canada.

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