Capt. Sub was launched in 1972 from Kent St in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. In 2001 Grinner’s purchased the Capt Submarine trademarks and franchising system. At that time there were only 7 existing locations remaining. Grinner’s applied its expertise in franchising and their knowledge of the Atlantic Canadian marketplace and re-engineered the concept to capitalize on the growing popularity of toasted subs. 

Following the launch of the new proptotype in Truro Nova Scotia in 2002, Grinners quickly began opening Capt. Sub units in Atlantic markets including in their own Greco Pizza operations. There are currently over 30 Capt. Sub operations throughout Atlantic Canda and Ontario.

By combining both the Greco Pizza and Capt. Sub brand names under one roof , Grinner’s has captured a blue ocean restaurant opportunity that utilizes both lunch and supper dayparts and maximizes franchisee investment returns through higher sales.

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