In 1977 the first Greco Pizza Restaurant opened in Moncton, New Brunswick featuring a delicious line of pizzas and a new product called the "donair". The donair is spiced beef garnished with onions, tomatoes and sweet sauce served on pita bread. Customers loved this new exciting taste and today the Greco Donair is one of Atlantic Canada's treasures.

In 1981, Trucorp, through Grinner's Food Systems Limited, in Truro Nova Scotia acquired Greco Pizza. Since then, the Greco Pizza concept has been refined into one of the strongest concepts in the industry. Today Greco Pizza is the number one quickservice (QSR) pizza chain in Atlantic Canada.  Greco Pizza is a proven product innovator being the first to market Thick 'n' Crispy Pan Pizzas, Oven¤Subs®, Flipwich™ and Cinnastrips™. Award winning marketing campaigns and service programs such as the PizzaNumber® Greco's one number telephone system 310-3030, Club Greco™ – a loyalty rewards program, 30 minute delivery guarantee in Grecoville® and Debit at Your Door have resulted in making Greco Pizza Atlantic Canada's #1 choice for Pizza. Today there are over 170 Grinners restaurant outlets operating in Atlantic Canada, Ontario and Quebec. 

Today, many Greco operations are adding the new popular sister brand - Capt Sub, to their premises making Greco a favourite destination for consumers looking for a wider variety of meal options under the same roof.
Today, many Greco Pizza restaurants are being twinned with the popular Capt. Sub concept. This marriage of two concepts , one lunch and one evening, creates maximum oppportunities and returns for investors.


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